Martha Sutphen And Richard Stock Have Something To Sort Out

The weekly Weddings and Celebrations section in the 'New York Times' is your guide to who is superior to you—and who is worse than whom. But don't you know: They're all winners, because they're newly-married, and you're single again, or thinking about a divorce, and just generally losing all the time. It's like the… » 12/03/07 1:00pm 12/03/07 1:00pm

Samantha Gregory & Roberto Benabib Are High On Love

Great news! Did you know that the Weddings and Celebrations section of the 'New York Times' exists to transform you on a lazy Sunday afternoon from Kathy Griffin to Cathy Guisewite? It's true! Studies show that reading what we used to call 'Vows' actually sets your internal feminism and self-esteem clocks back eight… » 10/22/07 1:40pm 10/22/07 1:40pm

Sarah Jewett & Brian Smith Are Totally Out Of Steps

Every week, the New York Times' Weddings and Celebrations section lets you know which powerful, rich, famous, and/or attractive people are joining like in holy matrimony and the conspiracy to grind your hopes and dreams to dust. And every week, our Intern Alexis subjects the happy couples to her tough-but-fair rating… » 10/15/07 3:30pm 10/15/07 3:30pm

Olivia Cowley & Julian Wassenaar Are Scion-tologists

Each week, Intern Alexis tallies up the status indicators of all the couples who've found it necessary to shove their connubial bliss in our faces via the Times Weddings & Celebrations section, so that we can feel superior to them in some small way that we can trick ourselves into thinking is more valuable than material … » 6/04/07 3:49pm 6/04/07 3:49pm

Jessica Joffe and Faran Krentcil Administer The Look Book Coup De Grace

"I love to consume. Consuming is my specialty," says 26-year-old, $3,500 purse owning private equity associate Natasha Mitra. She is why this feature, intended to stare deep into the dark night of New York magazine's Look Book feature, exists. But in some circular, paradoxical, almost Buddhist way, she's also why this… » 5/24/07 2:50pm 5/24/07 2:50pm